Goal 1 – Recruit, train, and retain world class teachers and staff

Objective 1 – Network with colleges and universities
Objective 2 – Provide support to teachers and staff
Objective 3 – Provide a teaching/learning environment that is second to none
Objective 4 – Provide training and support that models the concepts of continuous improvement and elevating expectations

Goal 2 – Provide meaningful, flexible academic choices that effectively accommodate all students in an ever-changing world and work environment

Objective 1 – Utilize feedback from current students and graduates to plan program improvements
Objective 2 – Provide appropriate and increased academic and technical opportunities for students
Objective 3 – Increase enrollment in higher level classes, including Advanced Placement
Objective 4 – Improve guidance services for students in all grade levels
Objective 5 – Increase the percent of students going to higher education
Objective 6 – Investigate community service as a requirement for graduation

Goal 3 – Pursue, encourage, and support positive community involvement throughout the district

Objective 1 – Provide regular information sessions and open houses for businesses, organizations, and the entire community
Objective 2 – Create business-to-school volunteer programs
Objective 3 – Create mentoring programs at middle and junior high schools
Objective 4 – Stimulate positive media coverage and interest in schools
Objective 5 – Communicate effectively with parents

Goal 4 – Provide an inviting, safe, and secure educational infrastructure

Objective 1 – Conduct on-going needs assessment of adequacy of facilities
Objective 2 – Provide attractive, clean, healthy, and well-identified facilities
Objective 3 – Provide on-going assessment of building and transportation security systems
Objective 4 – Continuously update and be familiar with emergency procedures

Goal 5 – Make classrooms come alive as active learning environments that maximize student achievement

Objective 1 – Maintain state-of-the-art equipment
Objective 2 – Provide continuous staff development in the use of technology
Objective 3 – Incorporate state-of-the-art technologies in all new construction
Objective 4 – Equip students with the ability to adapt to ever-changing technologies