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The Clover School District Special Services Department, in cooperation with parents, teachers, and administrators, strives to prepare children with disabilities for a successful, productive and responsible future through quality educational programming.
April is National Occupational Therapy Month
What is OT? 
You may think of “Occupationaltherapy” as therapy for your job or tohelp you find a job. This would only beright if you were thinking of the “job” asliving life! This is one of the biggestmisconceptions we are still facing today.In its simplest terms, Occupationaltherapy helps people across the lifespanto participate in the things they wantand need to do through the therapeuticuse of everyday activities (occupations orjob). Think of occupations as everythingyou do from when you get up in themorning until you go to bed at night.We intervene by providing accommodations and adaptations as needed in order for those to performthese everyday activities as independently as possible. Occupational therapy is provided in manydifferent settings including hospitals, nursing homes, schools, clinics and within their own homes,though we all have the same common goal, which is to improve the quality of life to the people wework with.
In 1975, when OT became prevalent in the public school system, OT practitioners have been working with students to improve their performance within their learning environment in the following areas:
  • fine-motor coordination and strength
  • gross-motor coordination and strength
  • bilateral coordination
  • visual-motor (eye-hand) coordination
  • visual-perceptual skills
  • sensory motor / processing skills
  • motor-planning / problem solving skills
  • adapted equipment
  • assistive technology

We work as a team to provide the best services to ensure thatstudents with disabilities/delays have access and opportunities inorder to succeed in the state-required general educationcurriculum.!Helpful websites

Helpful Websites
Please visit these websites to gain further knowledge about OTand ways in which you can promote it within your classroom.

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