Our Mission

To eliminate or alleviate health barriers that interfere with a student's ability to learn and to create a safe and orderly environment, thereby enabling students to become successful life learners.

The Health room is designed to assist students with chronic conditions and be an emergency station to care for minor injuries and illnesses that occur at school. Injuries or health concerns that occur outside of school should be treated at home or by your health care provider. The school nurse cannot diagnose or prescribe medications.

 Health and Education: A Natural Connection - Healthy Children Learn Better!
 NEW for 2014-2015
  •  Rising 7th Grades Tdap Booster
  •  5K - 2nd Varicella vaccine
SC Law requires immunizations for school attendance
 sick face
24 Hour Rule - Please do not send your child to school with the following in the last 24 hours:
  • Dizziness
  • Fever
  • Rash of unknown origin
  • Persistent deep cough
  • Vomiting/diarrhea
  • Strep throat

School Nurses follow DHEC guidelines.

Outside Normal School Hours
  • School Nurses rarely go on FT.

  • At least 2 weeks prior to FT notify school nurse of special health care needs.

  • Complete FT form.

  • Prescription medication unless routinely taken during school hours will require Dr.'s permission.

  • OTC medication must be in original container with label intact.

  • No medication in baggies will be accepted.
 Vaccine  Grade Required
 4 doses
 3 doses
 Tdap Booster
 1 dose
 3 doses
 3 doses
 MMR  5K-12  2 doses
 Hep B
 5K-12  3 doses
 2 doses
 1 dose
 Pre-K should receive age appropriate immunizations.
meds 2  
Screening Services
 Grades PK, K, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th
 For distinct vision problems
 Grades PK and K
 For hearing problems
 Grade 11
 Blood pressure
 Specialized Health Care Procedures
  •  Must have a completed Specialized Health Care Plan form signed by health care provider before child begins.
  • Parent will be required to do procedure until doctor's order obtained and any necessary training completed.
 Grades PK-5
Grades 6-12
  • Written permission from health care provider on CSD form.
  • Parent signature.
  • Inhalers, EpiPen, and Diabetic meds can be carried with Dr.'s permission

OTC: Must have a signed parent permission form and in original container. OTC will then be kept in Health Room.

  • Schedule II (ADHD, pain, depression meds) - must have written permission from health care provider on CSD form and have parent permision.
  • Antibiotics, Inhalers, EpiPen, and Diabetic meds - can be carried by student buy must have a signed parent permission form.

OTC: If you want your child to carry, a parent/guardian permission form must be signed and be on file in the Health Room and must be in original container.

**For your child's safety, please fill out health information form. There is a check box ( yes or no) to give permission to the School Nurse to administer Orajel, Visine, eye drops, and Caladryl Clear.**

Clover School District Nurses

Gale Stewart

Lonnie England

Martha Park

Raqual Avore

Nikki Sciba

Gale Stewart, RN
Lead Nurse
Blue Eagle Academy
Lonnie England, RN
Bethany Elementary
Jill Stafford, RN
Bethel Elementary

Martha Park, RN
Crowders Creek Elementary

Raquel Avore, RN
Crowders Creek Elementary

Nikki Sciba, RN
Griggs Road Elementary

Lisa McDevitt

Lydia Davis

Lee Cain

Stacie Rhinehardt


Pam Glenn

Lisa McDevitt, RN
Kinard Elementary

Lydia Davis, RN
Larne Elementary

Lee Cain, RN
Clover Middle
Stacey Rhinehardt, RN
Oakridge Middle

Pam Glenn, RN
Clover High

Michelle Farrar, RN
Clover High