• Is School Attendance Important?

    Yes, a crucial part of academic achievement at every grade level is regular school attendance. Students who do not attend school regularly are more likely to dropout.

    Who Must Attend Public School?

    In accordance with S. C. State law, “All parents or guardians shall cause their children or wards who are age group five to sixteen years, inclusive, to regularly attend a public or private school or kindergarten of this State which has been approved by the State Department of Education.”

    What is the Number of Days a Student Should Attend School?

    Students are required to attend 170 days out of 180 days of school. When a student is absent more than 10 days, attendance will be one of the factors used in determining promotion/retention decision for K-8 grades. More than 10 absences could also result in a referral to Family Court.

    High School students may lose credit when they accumulate three (3) unexcused absences for a 45-day quarter course, six (6) unexcused days for a 90-day course, and eleven (11) unexcused absences in a 180-day yearlong course.

    What is Truancy?

    South Carolina Regulations define truancy as follows: “A child 6-17 years of age meets definition of truancy when the child has three consecutive unlawful absences or a total of five unlawful absences.”

    What is an Intervention Plan?

    An Intervention Plan is a written document outlining how poor attendance will be improved. School officials are required to contact parent/guardian for a conference. The purpose is to try to resolve attendance problems without involving the Department of Juvenile Justice. Continued unlawful absences and non-compliance with the intervention plan, may result in a referral to Family Court.