About Us

  • Clover High School  is a comprehensive high school that is dedicated to preparing all students to further their education in a four-year college, technical school or career path. The school offers a strong academic track that includes honors, advanced placement and distance learning curricula that prepare students to attend the four-year college of their choosing. 

    The schools tech prep/career prep program provides courses with real world applications that prepare students for technical school or the workforce.  Auto mechanics, culinary arts, computer technology, building construction, agriculture, childcare, marketing, and business are some of the tech prep/career prep programs offered at CHS. 

    CHS has an outstanding fine arts department that includes visual arts, theatre arts, and music.  The Clover High School Choraliers, Symphonic Band and Marching Band regularly compete with outstanding results at state competitions.  Their concerts are the "toast of the town." 

    Equally outstanding are the school's extracurricular and interscholastic athletic programs.  Whether it is being judged the best Student Council in South Carolina, having an award winning AFROTC unit or winning an athletic championship, excellence is the standard.

  • Student Jonathan-Scott "JD" Davidson 
    talks about his experience at CHS