• The Clover Schools Alumni Association began as a group of fifteen alumni, spanning eight decades, came together to discuss the interest and possibility of such an organization.  This original group became known as the Alumni Advisory Council.  Members of this original Alumni Advisory Council are as follows:

    • Evelyn Gettys Edmunds
    • Bill Jenkins
    • Judy Curry Miller
    • Debbie Westmoreland Meek
    • Frankie Wright Bennett
    • Pam Lester Cato
    • Melanie Wood Wilson
    • Ginger Gibson Marr
    • Elizabeth Maroska Love
    • Kyle Hodges
    • Teresa Knight Glass
    • Melissa Clark Jackson
    • Cathy Pursley McCarter
    • Kenneth Love
    • Freddy Campbell

    To preserve and celebrate the history, heritage and traditions of all past and current Clover schools, the association was named the Clover Schools Alumni Association. Since their initial meeting, the advisory council has worked to develop the mission, vision, and purpose of the organization, to secure a board of directors, to create bylaws for the organization, to obtain 501(c)(3) status, to create a webpage, to secure a means of collecting alumni data, and to publicize the organization to the community. 

    You may review a copy of the bylaws for the association by clicking HERE.

    In addition, the advisory council created the following logo for the Clover Schools Alumni Association.  The blue and gold colors represent past and current schools in the Bethany, Clover, Lake Wylie, and Roosevelt communities and are connected by Clover green as we work together to connect alumni, school, and community.

    Alumni Association Logo



  • Please take a minute to learn more about the association by viewing the Clover Schools Alumni Association brochure.