Alan Easden


    Welcome to Mr Easden's Biology Classes !
    The Biology 1 CP syllabus will follow the prescribed SC Standards for the 10th grade Biology course. There will be a State Mandated EOC exam at the conclusion of this course.
    The Bio 2 Honors Biology class will follow a different syllabus with the  students using the current Campbell Biology textbook together with the AP Curriculum Framework.
    The Biology 2 Classes will follow  the second half of the AP Biology syllabus.

    Semester 1 2018/19 Schedule.
             1st Block - Bio 2 Hons.
             2nd Block - Planning
             3rd Block - CP Biology
             4th Block - Biology 2 Hons.




    Name: Alan Easden
    Classroom: Room 113
    Subject(s): Biology 2 Hons.: Biology I CP
    Grade(s): 10-12
    Phone Number: 803-222-8262

    email: alan.easden@clover.k12.sc.us 




     Additional Student Help/Tutoring

    Any morning preferably  by        appointment 7:30 - 8:10 am  



    Please Note: Course Syllabi and the week's timetable are both now available on Canvas. See links below.


    for Biology 1 CP and .......


    for Biology 2 Hons