Help and Training Q&A

  • Where do I go for technical support?
    Students should first attempt the troubleshooting tips that were addressed during orientation.  Next, students should ask their teachers for assistance if an issue arises in class. Teachers may refer the student to a school help desk. There are also help documents and video tutorials for common issues on the Resources page.
    Will there be training for students and teachers?
    Lessons about appropriate use and how to use common applications will be provided to students in the classroom. The student help desks will also have offerings from time to time that students are invited to attend. The Resources page of this site also has some training videos.
    Parents are encouraged to visit the Digital Citizenship & Online Etiquette pages for resources to guide conversations about appropriate use with their students. Device training materials are available on the Resources page of this site.
    Teachers have many options for continued training at the school and district level. Minimum training standards have been shared with teachers and plans continued development are ongoing.