Apps, iTunes, and Device Management Q&A

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    How do I get apps?
    Students may download apps from the Self Service Portal on their devices or through the app store with personal Apple ID.
    If my child loses his/her device or cannot take the device home, can he/she access the apps (from the district) via another device like his/her iPhone?
    Most of the apps have an iPhone app version as well. There could be some apps that only have an iPad version. The apps (free and paid) are installed to the iTunes account on the device, so students will have access to those apps when they login to a new device with the same iTunes account.  Students will not be able to download apps that are provided through the school-based account to their personal devices.
    How much will apps cost?
    Every third through eighth grade student will receive an iPad that will come pre-loaded with the Self Service Portal. This portal houses over 30 free apps to support students' educational needs and will be where required apps are stored.  All apps provided by the school remain the property of the school district. Students are able to purchase Apps through the iTunes account, if they so choose. The cost of those apps will vary and is the financial responsibility of the student.
    How do I know which apps to use?
    Teachers will often suggest apps that are appropriate in completing assigned work or apps that would provide students more practice in a given content or greater flexibility in the products they create.
    What Apps are suggested/provided for Clover School District students?
    Click here for the list of the most used apps in the Connected Classroom. Click here for a longer list of great apps per topic.
    Apple ID
    Can I use my personal iTunes account?
    Yes, students who are 13 years old or older are able to purchase additional Apps so that they will retain the ownership of their personally purchased apps.  Once again, students are financially responsible for these purchases.
    Do I need to create an Apple ID for my pre-kindergarten through second grade child?
    No, students in pre-kindergarten through the second grade will be using iPads in the classroom managed by the teacher.
    How do I get my own Apple ID if I am in the third through eighth grade?
    Visit the official site from Apple:
    How do I get my own Apple ID if I am a high school student?
    Visit the official site from Apple:
    Self Service
    Self-service is the district's App management system.  All CSD devices will have this app installed.  Students will be able to go to this app to download required apps for their classes.  The apps listed in each student's Self-service app will be different based on the apps his/her teachers have requested.