Online Etiquette Q&A

  • FAQ about Online/Digital Etiquette and connected devices:

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    What is Online Etiquette?

    Online Etiquette is about showing honesty and respect toward others. 

    How do you demonstrate online ethical behavior?
    Privacy: Respecting the privacy of others online.
    Self-Expression and Identity: Presenting yourself in an honest and genuine way in the online world.
    Connected Culture: Treating others in a kind and respectful manner, and avoiding cyberbullying.
    Respecting Creative Work: Giving credit to others and/or asking their permission when you use their work as part of your own.
    What are some ways to behave ethically?
    • Protecting your privacy and respecting that of others
    • Presenting yourself and sensibly and appropriately
    • Treating others with respect and kindness
    • Getting credit for your work and citing that of others  

    What are some examples of unethical online behavior?

    • Sharing embarrassing information about someone in an online forum
    • Creating a profile with false information and tricking people with it
    • Posting a cruel remark about someone on a social network
    • Using the work of someone else in a mash-up without citing it

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