Distribution and Collection Q&A

  • May I use my personal device rather than the device issued by CSD?
    No.  Student devices come with a management tool that allows the district to manage content, apply filters, and control the wireless environments on all district property.  Personal devices that do connect with the network will be restricted by our wireless security system.

    When do students receive the iPads?
    Students in grades 3-12 will receive an iPad (grades 3-8) or MacBook Air (grades 9-12) during an orientation at the start of the school year.  Students in grades PK-2 will use an iPad that is assigned to their class. They will not be able to bring theirs home. 

    Do students get to keep the iPads during the summer?
    No. Students must return their iPads no later than the last day of the school year or withdrawal from the District. Seniors must return the device and/or pay all fees before participation in graduation.  During the summer, we will refresh the apps for each device.  App licenses will be good for one year which means that the students will have to save files at the end of the year and then reload the apps to their device for the next year.  This will allow for the district to save money by redistributing apps that are no longer needed by students.  An example would be a 4th grade math app that only applies to 4th grade.  A 5th grade student would not need this app so we will remove it and reissue it to a new 4th grade student in August.

    What is a "day user?"
    A day user is a student who must keep their iPad or MacBook Air at school.  This will occur if one of the following applies:
    • The student and/or parent have not signed the Student Pledge for Use of a Personal Mobile Computing Device.
    • The student has not paid the Technology Insurance Plan fee or made arrangements with the school.
    • The student has not paid damage fees that are owed.
    • The parent requests that the iPad does not come home.
    Parents and students need to understand that assignments that are completed by the class on the mobile device will still have to be done by the student.  He/She may have to do the assignment in school at another time, complete the assignment in a different manner, or be given a different assignment altogether.  This decision will be made by the teacher.
    Do we get a new device every year?
    Students will receive a new device at grades 3, 6, and 9.  All other years, the student will receive the device that was turned in at the end of the previous school year.  Students crossing over to a new grade span will have to transfer files by saving to Onedrive or the Cloud.
    How will the school district keep track of all of these devices that look the same?
    Each device has a unique serial number, internet number (called a MAC address), and will be issued a Clover School District asset tag number.  This asset tag/barcode will be assigned to a particular student.  We will have all devices checked out to individual students beginning in grade 3 by all three of these unique numbers.