Financial Hardship Q&A

  • What are the costs associated with the 1:1 Connected Classroom initiative?
    All families are being asked to pay a yearly Technology Insurance Plan.  The fee for the 2014-2015 school year is $50.00 per student in grades 3-12.  This fee is explained on the Technology Insurance Plan and Damages page.  In addition, families will be charged for intentional damages, damages to other student's devices, lost cords/cables and other non-covered damages.  In addition, once a student uses his/her Technology Insurance Plan, other charges will be assessed as scheduled on the Technology Insurance Plan and Damages page.
    If I can't afford the Technology Insurance Plan, is there a way to apply for a hardship?
    Yes, please submit a Hardship Form describing the hardship, how much would be affordable, and what payment plan would be most appropriate. Click here for the form.
    Are there payment plans available?
    Payment plans for the Technology Insurance Plan and damage/replacement costs are available to all families. An administrator will be in contact to discuss an appropriate plan for damage/replacement costs. If needed, please complete a Hardship Form to apply for a payment plan to cover the Technology Insurance Plan fee or damage fees.