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Technology Insurance Plan and Damages Q&A

  • How much is the Technology Insurance Plan?
    Clover School District now covers the initial TIP coverage on all devices.  Once TIP coverage has been used, CSD will then issue a fee of $25.00 to the student to reinstate coverage for future damages.  
    Will I have to pay for repairs or replacement of the device if it gets damaged?
    Students who have opted into the Technology Insurance Plan (T.I.P.) are able to have a device repaired or replaced one time for the fee that was paid. Additional repairs or replacements are the student’s responsibility, until coverage is reinstated.

    Students who opt out of the Technology Insurance Plan are responsible for repair costs associated with any damage to an assigned iPad. In the event of damage, the District will obtain and provide the total cost of repair to the Student/Parent. Payment must be received prior to a replacement iPad being provided back to the Student.

    Can I take the device to a repair center or the Apple Store?
    To ensure quality and consistent service and repair, Clover School District will handle all repairs.

    What if my device gets stolen?
    In case of theft, vandalism, and other criminal acts, a police report MUST be filed by the student and/or parent within 48 hours of the occurrence. Incidents happening off campus must be reported to the police by the student/parent and a copy of the report must be brought to the school for verification. Once the criminal event is confirmed by the district, the district will issue a new device to the student.  Please note: a police report must be made in the town/police district where the incident occurred.  In other words, if the theft occurred in York, the York police department should be contacted and not the Clover police department.

    What are the replacement costs?
    Students are responsible for the entire cost of repairs to Personal Mobile Computing devices they intentionally misuse, abuse, or damage. Students who have already used their Technology Insurance Plan once during the school year are responsible for additional repairs and replacements. Students will become day users until balances for repairs or replacement are paid in full. The Technology Insurance Plan does not cover the repair or replacement of charging cables, protective cases, keyboards, and other accessories.

    The following estimated costs are associated with the replacement or repair of the iPad and MacBook Air.  Costs are subject to change and are determined by the company doing the repairs.

    Broken screen (glass only) — $120-$150
    Power, Volume or Home Button — $60
    Headphone Jack or Charging Port — $60
    Power adapter and cord — $35
    Case — $25


    MacBook Air  
    Prices will be determined at the time of the repair.  Because of the nature of the MacBooks, there is a wide variety of things that could happen and will have to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.


    Are there other insurance options?
    The only option provided by Clover School District is the Technology Insurance Plan.
    What does the Technology Insurance Plan cover? 
    The plan includes the replacement of one Personal Mobile Computing device per school year in the event of theft or accidental damage. Any additional replacement or repair will cost the student/parent/guardian the cost of repair or the Full Market Value of a Personal Mobile Computing Device (approximately $500 for iPad or $1000 for MacBook Air). The Technology Insurance Plan does not cover the repair or replacement of charging cables, protective cases, keyboards, and other accessories.