Policies and Expectations Q&A

  • Does the school district have Board policies the govern the use of technology?
    The school district has developed Board approved policies that address the following areas of technology use (please note that these policies address all areas of technology use and not just 1:1). 
    • Acceptable Use of Technology
    • Confidentiality of Information
    • Network Usage
    • Off-campus Use of Technology
    • Social Media Usage (even outside of school if it involves, disrupts, or otherwise impacts the daily operation of school)
    • Email
    • Personal Device Usage
    • Third-party Access to Data
    • Violations of the Acceptable Use Policies
    What are the expectations for students and staff?
    Students and staff must each sign a separate Assurances for Acceptable Technology Use form.  This form outlines the Board's expectations as discussed in the above mentioned document and makes the user aware of sanctions that could take place.
    Click here for a thorough document containing all Board policies and the assurances papers mentioned above.