• Summer Math Calendars

    Help stop the "summer slide"!
    Encourage your child to spend some time reading and reviewing skills learned this year in first grade over the summer. 
    This packet has been created by Clover School District for students are entering 2nd grade. The summer math activities will enable your child to review math concepts and reinforce skills learned this year.
    Just a few minutes each day spent “thinking and talking math” will help reinforce the math that has been learned and begin to bridge the foundation for extending to the concepts that will be developed next year.  I hope our young mathematicians will continue to grow and stay sharp in their math skills over the summer!
    We encourage your child to
    *Complete at least 15 math days each month,
    *spend at least 10 minutes a day, 4 to 5 times a week practicing math,
    *use a math journal to record his or her work,
    *and create a math goal to help him or her stay strong in math over the summer.
    Students that rise to the challenge and complete 15 math days each month will be celebrated during the first nine weeks of school!  Please bring completed journals and calendars to your teacher on the first day of school. 
    The goal is for your child to have fun thinking and working collaboratively to communicate mathematical ideas. While your child is working, ask him how the solution was found and why a particular strategy was chosen. 

    The attached packet consists of 2 calendar pages, one for June and one for July, as well as an answer key to the math problems and directions for math games parents can play at home with their children.

    Literature, APPs, and websites are also recommended. Since not all students have access to the literature recommended or the technology suggested, please keep in mind these are optional. You will see some of the literature and websites referenced on the calendar days as well, but again, a student could opt not to do these.


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