• Classroom Behavior Policy

    Love and Logic Philosophy on Discipline:

    Rules: SOAR                        


    S-Seek Smart Solutions          

    O-(be) Onboard with Learning        

    A-Act Responsibly      

    R-Respect Others


                In order to guarantee your child and all students in our class are provided the excellent learning environment they deserve, we will use Love and Logic to support our school wide discipline plan “S.O.A.R.” As a group, we will discuss more detailed rules and behaviors we feel are important in our classroom, and decide under which part of the acronym they belong.   Please read and discuss this plan with your child.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email Lydia.Balton@clover.k12.sc.us, write a note, or by phone at 810-8500. It is in your child’s best interest that we work together in providing the best possible learning experience.
                 In class, I strive to promote a positive learning environment.  I will tolerate no student interfering with instruction or student learning. 


     Behavior Chart:
            I have a chart hanging in my room.  Each child has a clip with their number on it.  They will be asked to move up or down depending on their actions in class. Everyone will start each day in the middle on “ready to SOAR”.  The expectation is that everyone ends the day ‘ready to SOAR’.  Behavior will be noted by your child bringing home a monthly calendar indicating the color depending on where their clip was at the end of the day, please look for these daily!  Your child will be responsible for filling out the calendar at the end of every day.

        Which Level Are You On Today?

                Rainbow: “Super Hero Status”
                Light Blue: “Sidekick”
                Dark Blue: “Soaring”
                Green: “Ready to SOAR”
                Yellow: “Warning”
                Orange: “Danger Zone”
                Red: “Krypton-Parent Contact”

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