• ¡Hola! For Spanish I, II, and III this year, you will need a few basic supplies for class (in addition to your MacBook).
    1. 3-ring binder
    This will serve as your "textbook" and you will need it every single day!
    2. Tabbed dividers for your binder (5 dividers)
    Since your binder is like your textbook, it needs to be kept organized.  The 5 dividers must be labeled: Ahorita, FDD, Cultura (level I), Cuentos (level II) or Escuchar (level III), Apuntes, Práctica 
    3. Paper, pens, and pencils
    You will need these every day!
    *A note about the MacBooks: We will be using them daily in class. Students *will not* be able to charge or plug in their MacBooks during class time, due to a lack of outlets (and wasted class time!). Parents, please make sure your child charges their MacBook before they come to school each day. ¡Gracias!