Mr. Pratt as Staff Member of the Month

  •          Mr. Pratt
                         by Kiarra McNeil
         In his 20th year of education, Mr. Pratt has gotten the award of Staff Member of the Month. Mr. Pratt's job is to do what most of us enjoy doing most! He gets to play on the Ipad and work with lots of different computer apps and technology. His job title is Technology Integration Specialist. Not only does Mr. Pratt get to work with technology here at OMS, he gets to travel between different schools and help teachers to learn about cool, new features to share with us, students! 
         Jonathan Brochu, one sixth grader shared his interaction with Mr. Pratt. "Mr. Pratt is a nice person and I think he is very good at his job, because he helped me with my Ipad. Thanks to Mr. Pratt, I was able to get on board with the rest of my Social Studies class and access the Notability app for the chapter we were studying, on India."
         "I had problems getting into the app store when I first got my Ipad. Mr. Pratt is awesome, because of him I can now download all        the important apps that help me to study for all my classes." Cody Brien was thrilled that Mr. Pratt could help!
             Jonathan Brochu   Jacob Moss   Cody Brien
         Another student, Jacob Moss, shared his experiences with Mr. Pratt and his expertise. "When we were in Math doing our projects he helped me correct my work. Without Mr. Pratt, I might not have made the 95 on my Math test!"
         Students and staff of OMS appreciate Mr. Pratt for all that he does! Congratulations Mr. Pratt! You are most deserving of Staff of the Month and MORE!!
  • Did you know that GOLDEN EAGLES are a real species?

                                  golden eagle  
    1. Golden Eagles dive at 150 miles per hour!
    2. Golden Eagles hunt foxes, wild cats, deer and goats. 
    3. Golden Eagles can live to be 46 years old. 
    4. The talon of an eagle can exert as much as 440 pounds of pressure on its prey!!
    (That is 15 times more than a human adult!)
    5. Golden Eagle wing span is about 2.5 meters long. 
    6. Lady Golden Eagles only lay 2 eggs. 
    Keller, Richard. (Nov. 2012) "8 Interesting Facts About The Golden Eagle".

November 22nd, Movie Night at Arysley!!

  • Movie night  
    The Premiere of MOCKINGJAY
         Are you a devoted Hunger Games fan? Are you an avid reader and movie lover, and like Mrs. Corbiere, anxious for the premier of the Mockingjay Movie? Ever since the first viewing of the Hunger Games, Mrs. Corbiere, Oakridge's media specialist, has riled students to join her at Arysley Theatre, on November 22nd, for the Premier of Mockingjay!
         This is not the first time students have gathered at the theatre for the fun of viewing the production of popular novels. Headed by Mrs. Corbiere, as many as 45 OMS students have congregated at the Arysley Movie Theatre for a fun movie night and entertainment as they witness their favorite characters come to life on the movie screen. 
         "The Hunger Games Trilogy is my favorite novel and movie series!" Mrs Corbiere shared. "Peeta is my favorite character."
         Mrs. Corbiere is excited to get together with students again for Part I of the third book of Suzanne Collins trilogy. If you are a big fan, come join the fun on November 22nd!!

Callahan's Pages Project

  • math
    By Abigail Walker 
         Mrs. Callahan’s seventh grade Math class learned about percentages through a fun project in “Pages”, an Apple app. Even though it was fun, it also challenged this teacher's students.
         “I won’t lie," Lauren Gilkeson shared. "It was difficult.” Even though it was a challenge, the project helped them find an easier and faster way to find the tax and discount on different items. 


         The project required finding five items off the internet and discounting them with a percentage of 15%, 20%, 35%, 63.5%, or 74%.  They had to do this while showing their work in their "Whiteboard App". After calculating the price after the discount, they then had to apply 8.75% tax. Once they found the total charge, these seventh graders, followed the steps all over again, using 5 different items off the internet and using a different percentage of either 25%, 34%, 12%, 40%, or 80% discount.   
       The app acted as a great learning tool that helped students to engage in a fun activity of SHOPPING. Now who wouldn't enjoy that!
             Garrett Carrenter especially found working with the Ipad enjoyable. "It was a fun activity with numbers."
             Lauren Gikeson agreed with Garrett.  "I would love to do this project again because it was a great way to learn about pricing items at a store."  

Color Fun Run

  • Color Run Crowd   
         Splash! The color run was very exciting! All of the students had lots of fun! The color run was a great way to raise money for our school! Particles of color burst in the air!      
         "My favorite part was getting blasted with all the colors!" Marco Ward contributed.
         " I would love to do this again!" claimed another student , Mcinnes Coggins. " I hope we could do it again next year!        
          Amina Jacic added one thing she would change to make it a little more exciting. "I would make the color permanent on our clothes!!" It is obvious that all the students in every grade level had a great time getting blasted with colors as they danced around the field to the raucous beat of the music!
     Color run powder everywhere  dusty
  • 7th Grade Language Arts Literature Comes Alive!

     tell tale heart old man
                               by Abigail Walker
         Seventh graders witnessed literature from their Language Arts curriculum come to life ON STAGE with Encore! Stories featured in the Encore presentation were "Sleepy Hollow", "The Necklace", "The Raven", and the "Tell-Tale Heart".  Seventh grade classes enjoyed the series of skits written by authors such as Edgar Allen Poe, Washington Irving, and Mark Twain.
         While all the classes were thrilled by the performances, students like Garrett Hawkins were fascinated by the roles of the actors and gave a simple critique of the production. "Encore performed perfectly. They did an amazing job remembering their parts."
         Another student, Cody Cook from Mr. Pitts's homeroom, thought the plays were "mysterious, suspenseful and humorous." Cody was grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of the audience. "It not only gave me a better understanding of the stories we read in class, but I also got a different perspective through the enactments of each of cast members."