Surprise Visit By Former NFL Player - SHELDON BROWN

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          The former Eagles Cornerback, Sheldon Brown, surprised students during his visit to OMS on Tuesday, October 21st. Sheldon Brown grew up in Lancaster, South Carolina. While his desire was to strive to play for the pros, he had major setbacks as he began his High School career. Due to poor choices along the way, Sheldon Brown was forced to return to High School after he had finished his 12th grade year, to complete a 9th grade course, which delayed his chances at playing College Football. When he finally made it into USC, he met a long season of losses which was disheartening for him and his future. Sheldon Brown was ready to call it quits. Even as times were looking down for him, his mind kept telling him to keep an open mind and stay positive.
          In 2002, he was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles. He made popular highlights that were chosen by football analysts making him known for his powerful hits as Cornerback and later was traded to the Cleveland Browns. This former NFL player shared his experiences with students at OMS.
    Wesley Barber  Ross Lewis
         Wesley Barber found Sheldon Brown inspiring. "I will always remember something he said, if you are not cool now, sometime you will be. And if you are cool now, sometimes you won't be."
         "Mr. Brown's story impacted how I look at life. No matter how hard it gets, I know it will only get better if I don't give up," Ross Lewis stated. 
          Elliot Zinser  
         Elliot Zinsor shared similar thoughts, "When I'm wrong, or failing, I'm not going to give up. I remember him  telling us he lost most of his team because they went 1-21 but he stayed and made it to the pros. Now, when my team or myself is doing bad in anything I just keep thinking how it is not worth it to just give up, and not to leave. I let my mental strength bring me back up."  Elliot thinks back to Sheldon Brown's story. "From his perspective, he did not have the easy life that could get him to the professional league and he showed me that anything can happen."
          Mylena Evans  
          "When life knocks you down, you have to get back up." Mylena Evans agreed with her friends. "You just need to keep reminding yourself why you need to keep trying. Stay focused on your goals, and don't quit."
           "His story helped me to see that even when the 'going gets tough',  if you push through,  the outcome will be greater then what you started with and in the end, you'll be glad you held on even though it got rough." Joshua Nielson was inspired by Sheldon Brown's story.  
  •  OMS Places 1st in South Carolina!!  

    Gov Haley  
         Students were surprised when they congregated in the gymnasium for a celebratory assembly, after making NUMBER ONE school in the State of South Carolina for reading the most minutes in the Scholastic Reads - Race For the Minutes!! 
         Governor Haley
    Scholastic presented two plaques to Mr. Largen. One plaque commemorated OMS for making 17th in the world, and the other was for placing 1st in the State of South Carolina. The students were even more inspired by a special surprise visit by Governor Haley, whose husband was selected by Scholastic as the Ambassador for Reading for SC. After being invited to attend the assembly, Mr. Haley prompted his wife, the Governor, and was quoted as saying, "Nikki, you really need to go see these kids. They have worked hard." 
      Top 40 Readers
                       Top Three Readers at OMS:
                    Samantha Kimbrell 68,905 minutes
                         Lydia Sutton 67,661 minutes
                       Olivia Simmons 37,000minutes
         Lydia and Samantha are two best friends that challenged each other this summer!! It was their challenge, hard work and determination that made them top in the state!! Congratulations to all OMS readers!!  

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