Fun Facts about Columbus Day

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         Even though Columbus took on the challenge of battling the seas in his search for the new world for the Spanish, he was really Italian!  Most American states celebrate Columbus Day because it is an ethnic pride of the Italian explorer who was the first to discover America. Today, 47 states recognize Columbus Day as a national holiday.  
         Could you imagine sailing for 35 days before spotting land?!
    Queen Isabella of Spain  spices
         Did you know that since Columbus did not bring back the gold, silver and spices that he promised Queen Isabella, he decided to bring back 500 natives from America to be her slave! It is for reasons like this that states like Hawaii, South Dakota and Alaska do not recognize Columbus Day!
    wood floating  
         When Columbus was younger, he worked on a ship that was sunk by people that worked for the French Government. He saved himself by floating on a scrap of wood that eventually carried him to shore!
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OMS Students Represented

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    Did you know that Oakridge is made up of a diverse group of students who are represented in 47 of the 50 states? The Golden Gazette took a poll to see how many students lived in other states and countries all over the globe! You won’t believe what we found!


    While Oakridge has more than 900 students in attendance, 600 students took part in our survey. There are only 253 students who were born and raised in South Carolina! That means these students never lived anywhere else!!


    North Carolina  

    When we took a tally of all the different states that students lived in, outside of South Carolina, North Carolina took the lead with 208 students who have lived there, at one time or another.

    Florida beach  
    Florida came in second with 70 students who have experienced living and going to school in the sunshine state. Next, Ohio was neck to neck with New York. Both states were home to 37 of our OMS students.

    German flag  

    Of the 600 hundred students who participated in our online survey, OMS students are represented from 15 different countries including: Germany, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Australia, India, Japan, Latvia, England, Mexico, Africa, Honduras, Sweden and Brazil. Of OMS’s population, students who have lived in Germany are most represented. There are at least four students among us who have lived in Germany!

OMS Students From All Over the GLOBE

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         Where were you born and raised? Did you know that OMS is made up of students who have lived as far as Germany, Africa and China!
         Jason Marsan, a sixth grader, came all the way from China, where he lived most all his life.  He has come to the United States and has lived in South Carolina for almost 7 months. Jason sees a big difference between the schools in China and here at OMS. "My school back home was a two-story building with a fence around it and security guards around the school yard. We weren't allowed to use calculators, iPads, or computers in my old school. The school did not have any electronic devices and we were not allowed to bring them. We had 4-6 page long tests and we had to read paper books."
                Can you believe it, 4-6 pages of questions for every test and class?!
    Jason Marsan  
        Jason explained that students did not switch classes. The teachers switched classes instead. The students had to stay in a single room all day with different teachers for different classes moving to the students' one, single classroom. So that you wouldn't get bored sitting for so long in one room, for every 45 minutes of school work, he had 10 minutes of rest. 
         If Jason ever has the opportunity to revisit his hometown, there is so much he would share with his friends. "I would tell my friends back home that school lets out earlier here and how I can't go home for lunch, like we did back home." Jason explained his old school does not have a cafeteria, nor did they have people to clean the school. That was the students' job. Jason is amazed by how short our school day is compared to his old school and all the extra activities and different clubs we have at OMS.   
          Of the many memories Jason has of his life in China, he will never forget his Grandpa and how he fell off the roof of his house or the special Chinese New Year Celebrations back home. Jason was also amazed at how many different holidays we celebrate by having off from school.