Lake Wylie Children's Charity - A Benefit for Morgan

  •  Morgan
            By Miranda Parham

          Sunday, September 28th, T-Bones restaurant held The Annual Lake Wylie Children's Charity Event!  This event is held every year to raise money for a family, whose child who has a serious illness! The money helps to pay for medical expenses.  This year the event was held for Clover's High School student, Morgan Williams, who suffers from Crohn's disease! Morgan has been in and out of the hospital since she was 10. She is now 16. It was amazing to see how many people came to this event! Morgan said herself, "It means a lot to me!"

         This event has been held for the last 12 years!!! It usually takes about 70 volunteers to pull it off!! According to the organizers, this event usually raises $40-50,000!  If you would like to donate, to Lake Wylie Children's Charity, visit their website at:  By visiting the website, you can learn more about Morgan and donate to her cause.

         Watson Insurance is one of the many businesses that sponsored the event. Karen Hamilton, a representative of Watson Insurance is a big supporter of the Lake Wylie Children's Charity. "It's for a really good cause!" 

         OMS students, like Hannah Wodecki enjoyed the event. "I liked the silent auction the best! I bid on 3 items!"  Tyler Brothers and Amanda Broshers agreed they liked the games and prizes best!  

         Kaitlyn McBee was happy to help a friend in our very own community. "It's for a great cause!"
    games  face painting
         There was something fun for everyone at this event! Not only were there jump houses and games for the kids, but there were also bands, a bake sale and a silent action! People had chairs lined up in front of the stage to listen to the amazing bands, as well as boats docked at T-Bones Marina! Some even got up and danced! At the bake sale there were tables lined up to display the varieties of sweets! Cookies, brownies, cakes you name it! There were even spicy pretzels!
         The Silent Action was a favorite among many of OMS's students. It was just as entertaining! In this event, there were baskets filled with a verity of valuable donated goods! You could bid on them by writing your name and your bid on a sheet of paper laying in front of the basket! In the end you could see if you won!
    miranda    wall of honor

           Members of our very own Golden Gazette were happy to be a part of this event! It was obvious it was a great success!!