Counselors address the following standards through Core Curriculum Lessons, Small Group Counseling, and Individual Counseling:


    Learning to Learn:

    Students will…

    -develop personal qualities that contribute to being an effective learner

    -employ strategies to achieve school success

    -understand the interrelationship among life in the school, home, community, and society as a whole


    Learning to Live:

    Students will…

    -understand and appreciate self
    -understand and respect others

    -understand and appreciate home and family

    -develop a sense of community

    -make decisions, set goals, and take actions

    -develop safety and survival skills


    Learning to Work:

    Students will…

    -understand the relationships among personal qualities, education and training, and the world of work

    -demonstrate decision-making, goal-setting, problem solving, and communication skills

    -explore careers and the connection of school to work