• All second semester cadets except ROTC IV and Honors will be required to build a shoebox glider.  Cadets may work in pairs.  Due date TBD.

    Here is your Challenge:

    Produce a design that incorporates a shoebox as part of your glider. Additionally your Shoebox Glider will have to meet the criteria and constraints partially listed below. Your Challenge is open-ended and involves a variety of collaborative and creative problem solving efforts!

    As part of your challenge, you will need to accomplish the following tasks:

    • Research the dynamics of flight and apply them to your efforts.

    • Determine and gather the materials you will need for your glider.

    • Determine how to launch the shoebox glider in a consistent way.

    • Obtain the most efficient glide slope ratio possible.

    • Guidelines:

      The glider must move forward for at least 3 meters.

      The glider must demonstrate an efficient positive glide slope ratio.

      The glider must not break upon landing.

      The glider’s glide slope and aspect ratios must be determined.