• Clover High School Parking Permit Registration

    Welcome, Blue Eagles!

    Students need to register and pay using the online system. Once the process is completed, look for an email at the end of July or early August with your specific parking assignment. 

    The registration portal will be open to all 10th - 12th grade CHS students beginning on Monday, July 1, 2019.  

    Cash and Check payments are accepted in person at registration. However, students will be subject to remaining availability.  Assigned spots will only be given to students who utilize the online system for registration and payment.


    • Textbook(s)
    • Library Book(s)
    • Macbook
    • Macbook Charger
    • Macbook Case
    • Uniform
    • APEX Course Fee
    • Fundraiser Items
    • Classroom Novels

    This includes any fees you may have from previous years. If you would like to inquire about missing items, please contact Mrs. Bryant by email. Colleen.Lamberson@clover.k12.sc.us 

    Once all items are returned or fees are paid, the student account will be updated and you will be permitted to log into the parking portal to purchase a parking permit.

     2019-2020 Student Parking Spots 

    Reserved Area



    Exceptional Attendance 

    Qualifying 10-12 graders based on attendance during 18-19

    500-515 (New gym loop)


    Identified by band director

    600-618 (Front)


    Identified by ROTC leaders 

    ROTC 1 - 21 (By ROTC building)

    Early Graduates 

    Students graduating Dec 2020 

    402-436 & 470-480 (Front and back of “B” Building)

    Middle College/Welding 

    Students traveling to York tech 

    481-498 (Back of building B)

    Student Council 

    Identified by Student Council advisor 



    Main Lot

    1-13, 18-294


    Junior Pavement & Junior Gravel 

    Pavement 295-401 & Gravel 500-600, 730-733


    Gravel Lot


    *Junior and Senior lot assignments are only guaranteed prior to the first day of school.

    Freshman and Ninth grade repeaters may not purchase parking permits. 

    When you arrive at registration (Aug 5 - Aug 7), you will be required to present your license and registration card(s) for verification of what was entered into the online parking system.  The new Alive @ 25 system allows you to log in and obtain your certificate if we do not already have you marked as completed. You will only need to provide proof when we do not have complete information on file. 

    Parking permits will be distributed to students that have satisfied all requirements including completion of an Alive @ 25 Class.  

    Students may purchase parking permits during the open window even if they have not completed Alive @ 25 or have a valid drivers license.  

    CHS will hold the parking permit until all requirements have been satisfied.  This will eliminate the risk of you missing out on a parking spot. 

    The physical parking permit will be distributed to you at registration once all requirements are fulfilled.  There is no reason to show up early and stand in long lines on registration day to get a better spot. In addition, you do not need to be the first to register online. 

    Please have the following information ready when you go to the parking portal to register:

    • Student ID Number (Can be found on the report card or Student ID)
    • Driver's License Number and State
    • Vehicle Make, Model, Color and Year
    • License Plate Number and State
    • Registered Owner Information and Relationship to Driver 
    • Payment: Credit or Debit Card

    In order to distribute your parking permit students must:

    • Register using this online system
    • Complete an Alive @ 25 course
    • Provide proof of license (@ Registration for verification and accuracy)
    • Provide proof of all registration cards entered in the online system. (@ Registration for verification and accuracy)(pictures of the card or license plate(s) is fine)
    • Pay for a parking permit by Credit Card online. (See Permit fees below)
    • Parking tags are assigned after the online registration has been completed and payment has been made.  
    • Freshman and ninth grade repeaters may not purchase parking permits.


    • AFTER REGISTRATION:      $40.00
    • AFTER JANUARY 1, 2020:   $30.00
    • AFTER MARCH 1, 2020:      $20.00
    • REPLACEMENT PERMIT:     $10.00


    There are No Refunds for Parking Permits!