Spirit Rock

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    The "Lefty" and "Righty" Spirit Rocks are available for painting a birthday, half birthday, sporting celebrations and sporting encouragements for your OES child.

     - ONLY ONE Spirit Rock can be reserved for $5.00 per day on a first-come, first-serve basis with a MAXIMUM OF TWO (2) CONSECUTIVE DAYS.  (Starting October 1st we will allow additional days/rocks to be booked. We need to give everyone a chance to get their date of choice before allowing people to book extra days or rocks. Thank you for your understanding!)

     - Choose which rock you would prefer (Lefty: left side of bus loop while facing OES or Righty: right side of bus loop while facing OES)

     - Payments can be made by sending in cash/check with your child to school. Please make sure to put your payment in an envelope clearly marked with OES PTO, Spirit Rock, child's name, and reservation date. Another payment option is PayPal. Send your payment to oespto2@gmail.com via paypal.  Checks should be made payable to "OES PTO".  Reservations will be CANCELED if payment has not been received within five (5) business days of the reservation.  NOTE: Cash/Check Payments for reservations made prior to the first day of school, August 10th, are not due until Friday, August 14th.  You will be contacted by email to confirm or deny your reservation request once payment has been received.

     - Once payment is received and you have confirmation, YOU may paint the rock on/after 4pm the night before or any time during your reservation.

     - Please specify the exact message that will be painted on the rock by your reservation.  Your reservation will not be valid if you don't list your message for approval. If the message that is painted does not match the message listed in your reservation, the rock will be painted over immediately with no refund. (Note: the rock is only for birthday, half birthday, sporting celebrations and sporting encouragements)

     - It is the family's responsibility to paint the rock

     - PAINT RECOMMENDATIONS & TIPS - House paint or 2X coverage spray paint works great on the rock.  Spray paint is less messy to apply and will dry faster.  Approximately 6 cans if covering the entire rock.  If you use craft paint for detail, you should plan to apply a clear coat otherwise rain may wash it off (Clear coat comes in spray paint form as well)

     - Please note that your reservation is rain or shine and that there are no refunds.

     - By signing up for the rock you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed above.

     - Spirit Rock reservation is managed by OES PTO. Questions? Please email us at oespto2@gmail.com

    Click the link to get to the Spirit Rock Signup

  •  Have a question, an idea, or need some information about PTO?     Please contact us at oespto2@gmail.com