• Clover High School Motor Vehicle Regulations/Procedures
    The following regulations apply to all motor vehicle operators on the Clover High School campus:

    Students must register vehicles with the school using the online system, complete an Alive @ 25 course, provide proof of license, registration, and purchase a parking tag for $40.00. Parking tags are available on a first-come-first-serve basis using the online system with priority given to specific groups of students assigned by CHS Administration, seniors, then juniors, then sophomores. 

      Freshman and ninth grade repeaters may not purchase parking permits.


    • SUMMER REGISTRATION:     $40.00
    • AFTER REGISTRATION:          $40.00
    • AFTER JANUARY 1, 2019:       $30.00
    • AFTER MARCH 1, 2019:          $20.00
    • REPLACEMENT PERMIT:         $10.00

    All students driving a car to school must park in their designated student parking space or assigned area.  Students will not be allowed to park in the front parking lot unless assigned to do so. All students are to use Paul Ford Road to enter and exit the student parking lots.

    Maintaining a safe environment in the student parking lot requires that students observe and follow certain rules while operating a vehicle around pedestrians.  These rules and regulations include but are not limited to:

    1. Parking Hangtags are only valid for the 2018-2019 school year.

    2. Behavioral expectations of students in the parking lot are the same as in the building.

    3. Clover High School does not assume responsibility for motor vehicles or their contents while operated or parked on school grounds. Every effort will be made to provide a parking area free of theft and vandalism; however, Clover HS is not responsible for items stolen or damaged in association with vehicles parked on campus.

    4. If a student allows other students to use their assigned space without permission of the CHS administration (Swapping hangtags with another student) may have their parking privilege revoked.

    5. All vehicles should be operated in a slow and safe manner on school campus.  Speed limit on campus is 15 mph.

    6. No spinning of tires, power-braking, excessive revving of engines, loud music, or any other distracting behavior.

    7. Occupants of all moving vehicles must be properly seated in the vehicle with seat belts buckled.

    8. Speeding, reckless operation, littering, or excessive noise on school property will not be tolerated and can result in the revocation of the hang tag.

    9. Students are not allowed to sit in or loiter in vehicles once the 8:15 am bell rings.

    10. Students are not permitted to go to their vehicle or allow others to go to their vehicle during the school day. (unless administrative approval is granted)

    11. Parking is assigned and students must park in their assigned parking spot or area.  Students are not allowed to park in faculty spaces, in front of the school (unless assigned), visitor spaces, behind the school, or in handicap spaces.  Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action(s) which may result in the towing of the vehicle and/or loss of parking privilege.

    12. Students must register vehicles and hang parking tags on the rearview mirror while vehicles are on campus.

    13. Unregistered vehicles and/or those not displaying parking tags may be subject to ticketing with a civil fine and/or towing at the owner’s expense.  Forgery of parking permits will result in suspension of all parking privileges for one year.

    14. Students may not leave school grounds during school hours without prior, written administrative approval.

    15.    Students  WILL NOT:

    a. Transport any unauthorized students off campus.

    b. Bring alcoholic beverages, drugs, or weapons on school grounds in my vehicle.

    c. Use any tobacco products in or near my vehicle.

    16. Any student who has their driving privileges (driver’s license) suspended/revoked or has to surrender their license to the Department of Public Safety for any reason will lose their parking permit at CHS during the time of suspension.

    17. Parking hang tags are only valid for the duration of enrollment.  Early graduates or students who withdraw will not receive refunds.  Their space will be resold.

    18. Any student who has their parking privilege revoked will not receive a refund.


    This privilege may be suspended or revoked if the above rules are not obeyed, or if behavior at school indicates that you are not responsible enough to deserve this privilege. I agree to all terms and conditions outlined in this contract.

    Violation of any of the above regulations may result in loss of driving privileges on campus.

    Hangtags will be distributed at summer registration when payment is made and all necessary documents are provided to match information entered in the online registration. 




    I understand that in order to maintain a reasonable and safe school environment, the Clover High School Administration reserves the right to search a vehicle on school property and seize any property within the vehicle, which violates state law, school regulations, or may be harmful to any person.