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    Welcome to the Clover Middle School lacrosse page.  We are very excited for the beginning of this program. The only one of its kind in South Carolina, as of the 2016-2017 school year.  The Clover Middle School lacrosse program is a fully funded boys lacrosse program.  The Clover School District has generously decided to fund the program because of the exponential growth of the sport in the Clover community.  

    The Clover Middle School lacrosse will play their first season in the Spring of 2017.  The team will be a unified team consisting of students from Clover Middle School and Oakridge Middle School.  The team is expected to hold no more than 30 players in grades 7 and 8.  

    Questions that still need to be answered:

    How many games will be played?

    Who will they play against?

    When will they practice?

    As these questions, and others, get answered we will post them on this page and the pages attached to this site.

    Please feel free to explore this portion of the site and we hope it will answer all of your questions going forward.  Please use this site as your "home base" for all things Clover Middle School lacrosse.  Make sure to check back regularly as we will be adding A LOT of information concerning the program and it's events.