Residency Requirements

  • The Clover School District will admit any student who lives in the district:

    • with his/her parent or legal guardian (requires court order of guardianship signed by judge), or
    • with an officially recognized foster parent (requires documentation from Social Services), or
    • in accordance with the state affidavit regarding homeless children

    Proof of residency and legal guardianship is required. Acceptable proof of guardianship includes a court order signed by a judge transferring custody to individual applying to enroll child or evidence that custody proceedings have been initiated. Notarized letters or other statements from parents assigning custody to relatives, family friends, etc., are not acceptable. Two (2) items of documentation for proof of residency in the Clover School District are required annually. One item must be from the Primary list.

    Primary acceptable proofs of residency include the following: 
    • recent utility bill showing name and address of parent/guardian
    • recent tax notice on real property showing name and address of parent/guardian
    • copy of closing statement on home purchase with address and name of parent/guardian
    • copy of signed, dated lease agreement from rental company, mobile home park, or similar agent showing name address of parent/guardian
    Secondary acceptable proofs of residency may include:
    • current driver's license
    • tax notice on mobile home
    • tax notice on vehicle
    • bill or bank statements
    • other governmental documents showing the address and recent date 

    If a child and his/her parent live in a residence where utilities, etc., are in someone else’s name (relative or friend's name), that individual must accompany the parent to the district office with two proofs of residency (one must be primary) and sign an official Statement of Residency along with the parent.

    Once a student has been admitted on a statement of residency, the parent/guardian will have 30 days to present two proofs of residency in his/her name.  Other types of proof of residency for parents completing a statement of residency might include bills, bank statements, or other governmental documents showing the address.  All documents must be dated within the last 30 to 60 days.

    Failure to do so may result in the dismissal of the student from school. 

    Students whose parents do not live in the district will not be admitted unless:

    • The district resident with whom the child resides is the child’s legal guardian and the child in his/her own right owns land in the district assessed at $300 or more and the parents are willing to pay tuition in an amount equal to the prior year’s revenue (including debt service and school operations) less property taxes paid on the land owned by the child. 

    Students who are found in violation of these requirements may be dropped from the school rolls.

    SPECIAL NOTICE: The Clover School District will not accept any student who is under expulsion from another school/district

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