• Mission

    The mission of the Clover Schools Alumni Association is to promote the spirit of loyalty among graduates and former students; support the Clover School District's goals as it pursues excellence; and communicate alumni and school news.


    Working together to foster active and engaged alumni.


    The Clover Schools Alumni Association seeks to:

    • Preserve and celebrate the history, heritage, and traditions of Clover schools and alumni.
    • Promote an active interest in the current affairs of Clover schools.
    • Foster alumni relationships with the schools and with each other through regular written communication and through social media.
    • Acknowledge and recognize outstanding, successful, and distinguished former Clover students.
    • Create a secure, searchable, comprehensive database of alumni.
    • Organize regular alumni events.
    • Provide support for classes as they plan reunions and other alumni-initiated events.
    • Encourage current students to participate in the alumni association following graduation.
    • Develop the Alumni Association as a financially self-sufficient and fiscally responsible organization within the community.
    • Generate funds to provide student scholarships and to support alumni activities.