• Providing scholarship funds for Clover High School seniors is important to the Clover Schools Alumni Association.  Since 2019, the association has provided $16,500.00 in scholarships to Clover High School students.  Please read below to learn more about the upcoming scholarships for 2023 and the students who have received funds in previous years.



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Thank You Notes

  • "I am honored to be the recipient of the first Clover Schools Alumni Association Scholarship.  I have cherished the 12 years I have spent in the Clover School District, and I am looking forward to starting this new journey as a Gamecock!  Thank you again for awarding me this scholarship to help me pursue my nursing degree."  Catherine Faulkner, 2019

    "I am honored to be a recipient of this prestigious scholarship.  I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for selecting me.  Using this scholarship, I will be able to pave a new path in my education and future career in engineering."  Samuel Gossett, 2020

    "I am truly honored to be the recipient of the 2020 Clover Schools Alumni Association Scholarship.  I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your continued support of Clover students and your faith in me as a recent Clover graduate.  In the fall, I will be a freshman majoring in History at Winthrop University, and I hope to one day attend law school in order to become an attorney.  Your scholarship has opened a door to the prospect of a brighter future where accomplishing my dream is possible.  The generosity of this organization will play a key role in shaping me into a successful individual.  Donors like you make life brighter for us.  Hopefully, thanks to your help, I will one day be the one giving back to the community.  Thank you again for your generosity."  Cody Cook, 2020

    "I greatly appreciate the time you took to read my application and award me this scholarship.  I am forever grateful for the opportunity to pursue my degree."  Alina Tomko, 2021

    "I wanted to reach out about the status of my freshman year.  I completed the first semester as a Dean's List recipient with a 3.882 GPA for my Fall 2021 term, earning 17 credit hours.  I recently completed my second semester with a 4.000 GPA for my Spring 2022 term, earning 17 credit hours.  I currently hold a 3.957 GPA and have earned 46 hours towards my degree.  I am still a member of the Honors College and am working toward completing the class and curricular requirements to maintain membership. Your financial support has lessened my burden and has allowed me to achieve this high-grade-point average and enjoy my freshman year.  Thank you for your continued support!"  Update from Alina Tomko, 2022

    "Thank you for the time and consideration it took to offer and choose someone for this scholarship.  I am honored to have been chosen as one of the recipients.  As a graduate choosing a technical career path, I appreciate you recognizing and supporting all after-school career paths.  With this scholarship, I'm able to fully pay for my tuition in the Utility Line Worker Academy at Cleveland Community College."  Andrew Leatherwood, 2021

    "I am writing to thank you for the Clover Schools Alumni Association Scholarship.  I was very appreciative and honored to be selected as the recipient.  Starting this Fall, I will be attending Florence Darlington Technical College and participating in a Caterpillar intern program.  Both of these will support my career path to become a diesel mechanic.  Your assistance will help me reach my career goals.  I will work hard and take advantage of the opportunities your scholarship has provided.  Thank you again, Clover Schools Alumni Association." Drew Jackson, 2021

    "I am honored to have been selected as the recipient of the Clover Schools Alumni Scholarship in honor of Evelyn Gettys Edmunds.  Her impact on agriculture is something that I and many admire.  Thank you for giving this opportunity to students involved in agriculture throughout their lives.  I will be putting these funds toward my education at Winthrop University, where I will be majoring in Early Childhood Education.  Again, thank you so much!!"  Kayleigh Moses, 2022

    "I wanted to thank you for the Clover Alumni Association scholarship.  Without it, I would not be able to pursue my future career goals.  I will be majoring in Biosystems Engineering at Clemson University, which I plan to use as an Agricultural Engineer.  I will also get involved in the Clemson Collegiate Farm Bureau.  Overall, my college experience will be life-changing and you are part of the reason I am here.  So, once again, thank you for creating the Clover Alumni Association scholarship.  You have helped me get one step closer to my future success.  I am truly grateful for the support!" Caroline Williams, 2022

    "I am honored to receive the Clovr Alumni Scholarship.  Thank you for helping me pay for my college education.  Clover is such an amazing school district, and I am very thankful for all of the opportunities I have been given as a Blue Eagle." Savannah Mellon, 2022