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    The Raider Competition or "Raider" as it is more commonly known is a very popular athletic competition held within Junior ROTC programs around the United States. One of the goals of the Raider program is to promote esprit de corps, teamwork, and self-confidence among JROTC cadets.  It is the Junior ROTC equivalent of the Army ROTC "Ranger" competition in college, only far less dangerous but very challenging as well! The events are held outdoors in state parks or large expansive wooded areas. 

    A team is comprised of 9 cadets.  Before each event, the team captain will choice 8 members to complete the event.  The extra member will stay on the sideline and cheer on the team.  Once a member has started the event, they must complete it.  No substitutions will be allowed.

    This program is very difficult and relies heavily on physical fitness.  Areas in typical competions include (but not limited to): 

    • Modified Army Physical Fitness Test (2 minutes Pushups, 2 minute Situps and a 1 mile run)
    • One-Rope Bridge
    • 5-Kilometer Road March
    • Litter Carry
    • Obstacle Courses
    • Logistics Relays

    Events can vary from event to event but will have a heavy emphasis on physical fitness and teamwork.

Upcoming Competitions

MAPPT Scores

  • The Modified Army Physical Training Test is used at all Raider Competions.  The event consists of:

    • 2 minutes of Push-ups
    • 2 Minutes of Sit-ups
    • 1 Mile run

    All events will be done in that order and with minimal time between events.  The team captain will determine which 8 members will complete the event.  Those 8 members will do there best without regard to the other team members.  Each individual will recieve a score from 0 to 300.  The scores will then be added together from all 8 members to determine the team score (0-2400).



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