Library Media Center Mission:


    The mission of the Ninth Grade Campus is to ensure that all students and staff become efficient, effective users of information and ideas.



    Library Media Center Goal:

    The media center strives to provide an atmosphere conducive to reading and studying. The staff is committed to assisting all patrons to ensure materials and services needed for optimum learning are always available.


    Library Media Center Collection:

    The library media center collection includes an extensive amount of material to support the curricular needs and personal needs of students and faculty. The collection includes:

    • DISCUS access
    • The Herald, Charlotte Observer, and Lake Wylie Pilot newspapers in print form
    • Many popular titles in Playaway Audio, eBook, and Catalyst Audio form and many more on CD
    • iPads for student use in the Library Media Center

    Use the online catalog, Destiny, to locate resource call numbers. The fiction, story collection, and juvenile collections are located upstairs. All non-fiction titles, reference, biography, magazines, and newspapers are located on the first floor.

    Library Media Center Services for Students:

    • Color Copies available for twenty-five cents per copy

    • School supplies store- materials sold at cost

    • Graphic media lab- Creation Station

    • Help locating research materials

    • Help locating books for pleasure reading

    • Help using technologies

    • Teen oriented reading materials in the Newsstand

    • Lamination of school projects- performed at cost

    • Binding of school projects- performed at cost

    • Computer and iPad use

    • eBooks for use on MacBooks and/or personal devices

    • Catalyst Digital audio books to be used on MacBooks and/or personal devices


    Internet acceptable use:

    Students are reminded that they are to abide by Clover School District rules regarding internet use. A signed internet use form must be turned in prior to using the internet at school for the first time during the school year. Possible administrative referral will occur if students do not abide by district policies.

    Library Media Center Rules and Policies for Students:

    Students may visit the Media Center before school and after school without a pass. Students MUST have a pass from a teacher during the school day. This includes lunch. Students must be clear of overdue materials and fines in order to checkout additional materials. However, students may use library resources in the Media Center at anytime regardless of overdue materials or fines. Students are expected to be on their best behavior in the Library Media Center. Disruptive students will be sent back to class with the possibility of an administrative referral. Students are to refrain from eating and drinking in the Library Media Center. Food and/or drinks will be confiscated.


    Flex Time LMC Rules and Policies:

    Students may visit the library during flex time.  Students will be seated in a way that encourages scholastic use of the library and the given time.  Students are to use flex time in the library to study, complete projects, read, research, and print.  Flex time in the library is not for gaming or social purposes.  Students who refuse to follow rules may lose the opportunity to visit the LMC during flex time.  Regular library rules on disruptive behavior and food / drinks is still in effect.


    Checking Out and Returning Library Materials:

    Students may check out non-reference materials for two weeks. Reference materials may be checked out for overnight use only and are due the next school morning prior to the beginning of first block. A fine of twenty-five cents is accrued per block after the beginning of first block. Reference materials are to be returned at the first floor circulation desk only. Other library materials may be returned on either floor at the circulation desk or the outside drop boxes. Library materials are due by the date stamped on the date due slip attached to the material. Library materials overdue by more than three days accrue an overdue fine of twenty-five cents per day, per material to a maximum of five dollars per material. Students may check out up to five library materials at a time. In order to check out materials from the library, students must present their student ID card or their MacBook.