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Enrollment Information

  • Students 17 years of age and older who are no longer enrolled in high school, may enroll in Tri-District Adult Education. The enrollment process starts with a 3 day intake and orientation process. See the attached document for intake and orientation dates and times at each of our sites (Clover, York and Fort Mill).  There is no cost for registration, initial assessments or classes.

    What to Expect at Intake and Orientation

    Intake and Orientation is 3 days. You must attend all three days to complete enrollment. Classes will begin the following day.

    Day 1: - Registration, TABE Reading Assessment, WIN Work Ready Math Assessment

    Day 2: - Director's Orientation (Getting Connected), TABE Math Assessment, WIN Work Ready Reading Assessment

    Day 3: - College and Career Navigator Orientation, WIN Work Ready Data Assessment 

    The assessments taken during intake and orientation provide instructors with information needed to assist you with your learning goals.  


Information for Students who are 17

  • Students who are 17 years old, must schedule a meeting prior to registration with the director and their parent/guardian. The following forms with all required signatures must also be completed in order for the student to begin their initial assessment and orientation.  The form must be signed by the student, the student's parent or guardian, the principal of the school the student attended, and the superintendent of the district or their designee.  If the student did not attend high school in Clover, Fort Mill, or York, but currently lives in one of these districts, then they must present a letter in lieu of this form from the district they currently reside in.  This letter must be signed by the superintendent of the district or their designee and must include the student's name, date of birth, and a statement that they are not enrolled in a high school in the district they currently reside in.