Summer Math Information

  • These packets are created for students to review math concepts and reinforce skills learned this year. We encourage students and parents to spend time over the summer thinking and talking about math, in hopes we will continue to grow our young mathematicians and help them stay sharp in their math skills.  We suggest that students set a goal and complete at least 15 math days each month. 

    The attached packets consist of 2 calendar pages, one for June and one for July, as well as an answer key to the math problems and directions for math games parents can play at home. Literature, APPs, and websites are also recommended.

    Our goal is for our students to love math and see it as a part of their daily lives. By having an opportunity to see math each day during the summer, we hope our students will return with the solid math foundation teachers have provided them with from the previous year. 

    Building a strong mathematical foundation at home is important to help students think about using math in the real world.  The attached flyers include ideas for how you can strengthen math skills at home.

    Building Math Skills at Home

    Early Math Tips for Parents