StellarXplorers Quiz Overview



    For each Qualifying Round of the competition, 20% of the total score will be based on an online Quiz. The Quizzes will be timed (30 minutes) and taken as a team (not individually). The Quizzes will consist of 20 Multiple Choice questions from selected Chapters of the Understanding Space textbook. For each Quiz, a Study Guide is available. The Quiz will be based on these Study Guides.


    Teams will not be very successful if they wait to look at the textbook for the first time when they take the Quiz. In order to be successful, we highly recommend teams find the answers to the Study Guide Questions before taking the Quiz.

  • The textbook that is used for the instruction and quizzes in called "Understanding Space; An Introduction to Astronautics".  Cadets may access the book to reveiw for upcoming competitions and answers the study guide questions. Only 1 person is allowed to have the textbook open at a time. If you have trouble accessing the textbook contact you instructor.


    Understanding Space: An Introduction to Astronautics


    Understanding Space