•   Spirit Rock Reservation
    Paint the face of the OMS Spirit Rock to celebrate birthdays &
    achievements or offer well wishes & words of support!
    **Spirit Rock Reservations should be completed at the link below.

    2023 - 2024 SCHOOL YEAR DETAILS

    COST: $15 

    Saturday - Sunday

    RESERVATION & PAYMENT: All reservations & payments are made through a SignUp Genius page. Please make sure you're picking the appropriate rock you'd like to paint.

    Also please be courteous of the timeframe you reserve and wait until your allocated time before you paint the rock. 

    ***NOTE: Spirit Rock payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. ***  



    1.) House paint, spray paint, and/or acrylic craft paint work great on the rock.

    2.) Spray paint is less messy to apply and dries faster.

    3.) It takes approximately 3 cans of spray paint to fully cover as a base coat for the rock. 

    4.) Bring spare paint brushes, paper towels, wet wipes, and a grocery bag to help contain your supplies and garbage. There is a garbage can a few yards away from the rock to discard trash.

    5.) Please ONLY paint the face of the rock & clean your mess after you are done.

    MandarRocks! is a Proud Gold Sponsor of the OMS PTSO this year! If you're looking to hire someone to paint the rock for you, check out her Facebook page!!



    Email us at OakridgePTSO@gmail.com 

    Reservations & Payments are made online via the SignUpGenius Spirit Rock Reservations Page found below.