Degrees and Certifications:

School Counseling

        CMS Comprehensive School Counseling and Career Guidance Program is based on the following beliefs: 
  • A comprehensive counseling program is an integral part of the total education program.
  • Every student needs appropriate personal and social skills to achieve optimum benefits from their educational program.
  • A developmentally appropriate counseling program for all students addressing their academic, personal/ social, and career needs.


CMS Counseling Department provides direct and indirect services to all students, including but not limited to:
Individual Counseling – Individual counseling is available to students as needed. Students may be referred to the school counselor by teachers, parents, administrators, or self-referral.
Classroom Guidance - Counselors provide classroom guidance lessons which focus on the following three student-development areas: Personal/Social Development, Academic Development, and Career Development.

Small Group Counseling – Groups consist of 4 – 8 students and counseling topics are provided according to identified student needs. Needs are determined by student needs assessments or by teacher/parent/administrator requests. Topics may include grief, divorce, anger management, social skills and other identified topics. Students must have a signed parent permission form in order to participate in small group counseling sessions.

Community Referrals – The Guidance and Counseling Department works with community agencies to provide services which cannot be provided through the
school system.

Academic Monitoring – Counselors monitor students for academic success. Students at risk for retention or who are struggling are conferenced with
individually or in small groups.

Intervention Team – Counselors are part of the School Intervention Team. The purpose of this team is to collaborate with other school staff in determining classroom interventions for students' academic success.

Teacher/Parent Consultation – Counselors work with parents, teachers, administrators and other professionals to plan and implement policies and
programs to foster student success.

Home/Community Resource - Counselors work closely with school social workers to connect families with community resources to include shelter, food, and financial assistance.