• To understand the impact on your home property taxes with various proposed bond packages, the calculator below allows you to enter the taxable value of your home from the property bill and select the bond amount to see the annual and monthly impact to your tax bill. The video to the right walks you through using your bill and doing the math on your own. 

    ***Use the appraised/assessed value ON YOUR TAX BILL for the calculator***

    The county's appraised value is not the same as the sale value.


    Estimations on realtor sites for what a home could sell for are not the same.  You must use your appraised/assessed value.  This "how to use the tax calculator" shows which value to use on your tax bill.  

Primary Home Tax Calculator

Home Appraised Value:

Annual Tax Increase: ${{(homevalue * .04 * 0.026).toFixed(2)}} (approximate)

Monthly Tax Increase: ${{((homevalue * 0.04 * 0.026)/12).toFixed(2)}} (approximate)

Personal Property Cost Calculator

Vehicle / RV Total Assessed Value:

Annual Tax Increase: ${{(propvalue * .06 * 0.026).toFixed(2)}} (approximate)

Monthly Tax Increase: ${{((propvalue * 0.06 * 0.026)/12).toFixed(2)}} (approximate)

  • The estimation given by the calculator above assumes that the tax base stays the same when we borrow the funds for the bond. It is also based on a 2.5% interest rate for a 20-year loan. The millage rate increase calculated above would be added to the current debt service millage rate, which is 19.4 mills, to see the total debt service millage rate that would appear as a part of the new year's tax bill. The total estimated tax is also shown in the calculator above. Debt service is a portion of the total tax bill.

    This calculation is for owner-occupied homes. A different calculation applies to other property types such as cars, RVs, second homes, boats, etc. because they are not assessed at the 4% rate.