Exchange Students at Clover High School

exchange student
  • Clover High School values the educational benefits of hosting exchange students on our campus. Exchange programs provide opportunities for students from other countries to experience the unique structure of an American high school while exposing our students to diverse world views and cultures. If you are interested in hosting an exchange student in your home, please read the following CHS guidelines.

  • School policies regarding exchange students:

    • Each exchange student will be placed in the 11th grade unless he or she requests placement in the 10th grade. We do not place exchange students in the 12th grade and exchange students do not participate in “senior only” activities such as early release or graduation.  
    • Exchange students will receive grades and a transcript. However, exchange students will not be included in class rank.
    • Exchange students must not have graduated from a high school in their home country.
    • Exchange students are eligible to participate in athletics as long as they meet the requirements outlined by the SC High School League:   Most teams require try-outs.
    • Exchange students and host families are expected to know and follow all school policies and rules.
    • All students are issued a macbook or ipad upon enrollment. Purchase of school insurance is required.
  • Number of exchange students:

                We enroll a maximum of four students per year. Each student will commit to a full school year (no semester placements).


    Exchange agencies:

    We partner with four agencies only. There are hundreds of exchange agencies in the United States. The four agencies and representatives listed below are the approved programs to partner with Clover High School. The representatives listed below have successfully worked with CSD families and provided excellent service. Each agency is welcome to place one student for the 23-24 school year. As we have approved four agencies and offer four spaces for exchange students, we are closed to new agency partnerships at this time.



    CHS must receive and approve the applications by May of the preceding school year.



    While we review and approve the application for the exchange student in the prior school year, exchange students will officially register at the high school and choose courses once they arrive in Clover. This is usually a few days prior to the start of the school year. Exchange students will enroll in at least one English, one social studies class, one math and one science course. He or she may choose other courses from the CHS course guide as there is space available.



                The host family must reside within the Clover School District residency area.



    Clover High School contact for more information:

                Dr. Jennifer Forrest – Chair, CHS Counseling Department

     803-810-8211 or


    Interested in hosting a student?

    Contact one of the representatives below to discuss the responsibilities and expectations of a host family.


    We look forward to working with our CSD families and our future exchange students from around the world!

  • Clover High School Partner Agencies




    Our diverse study abroad programs vary in length from a year to a few weeks and cover timely and timeless topics such as sustainability and language learning. What every program has in common is a commitment to fostering intercultural and global competence in our students, host families, schools, and communities. This cultural exchange helps us come together, across typical divides, to make a more peaceful and just world.


    Local Representative:  Katrina Gorres

    Regional Field Specialist


    • email:
    • phone: 646-381-3294
    • toll free: 1-800-876-2376, ext. 3294
    • cell: 646-899-5051


    AYA - Academic Year in America

    AYA is one of the largest and most respected high school homestay programs in the U.S. AYA host families and exchange students share life-changing experiences, and we’re delighted to provide the opportunity. Since 1981, our professional network has been dedicated to helping students, families and communities as they build unforgettable memories, lasting friendship, and open lines of communication through cultural exchange.


    • Local Representative:  Ginger Jeffcoat
    • Sr. Coordinator/ Supervisor
    • SC/ NC Region
    • Nationally Certified Representative
    • 704-209-1714  
    • 704-747-3372   Mobile/text




    Since 1999, Education Travel & Culture promotes cultural exchange programs. Our inbound program opportunities are for high school exchange students where they study in an American high school and live with a volunteer American family. Our outbound program offers students the chance to study and live in a foreign country. ETC is a non-profit orgainzation for student exchange.

    • Jessica Gutierrez
    • Education Travel & Culture (ETC)
    • Senior Field Manager
    • P: 803-431-5348
    • E:


    PanAtlantic Foundation


    Pan Atlantic Foundation is a not-for-profit that specializes in creating high-quality high school exchange programs for non-US citizens in the United States. Our staff are professionals who each have a decade or more experience in the field of international exchange.  Our Staff are educators, administrators, parents, and former host parents who have international experience and a love for a program that truly changes lives.  We are united in our mission to make the world a better place for all people through educational and cultural exchange.