Workplace Literacy Classes

  • What is Workplace Literacy?

    Workplace Literacy is a program that offers adult education and literacy activities offered by an eligible provider in collaboration with an employer or employee organization at a workplace or off-site location that is designed to improve the productivity of the workplace.

    Workplace, adult education, and literacy services are customizable and can be provided from the current menu of adult education services, or they can be developed in collaboration with an employer to address a specific workforce need.

  • What types of classes are available?

    • English as a Second Language
    • Basic Skills Classes with a focus on Reading and Math to assist with industry/workplace needs or required assessments.
    • Digital Literacy Classes
    • Soft Skills Development
    • WIN Work Ready Credential Preparation and Testing
    • GED Preparation Classes
  • What does it cost?

    The cost of the class varies depending on the length, content, and format of the class.

    The cost will be determined as part of the memorandum of agreement between Tri-District Adult Education and the employer.

Tri-District Adult Education: Serving Clover, York, and Fort Mill

    For more information on a customized Workplace Literacy class for your company and employees

    Contact Kristy Austin

    Tri-District Adult Education Director


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