Naming Process

  • Clover School District (CSD) is beginning the process of selecting school names, mascots and colors for the three schools it will open in the fall of 2026. The three schools are:

    • High School #2 to be located on the Daimler Property;

    • Elementary School #8 to be located on the Daimler Property; and

    • MIddle School #3 to be located at the current Ninth Grade Campus.


    The district will have an open survey process which will include two surveys. One for CSD high school #2 and a second which combines middle school #3 and elementary school #8. The surveys will be open from Tuesday, Oct. 10, through Tuesday, Oct. 31. The suggestions shared in these surveys will be presented to focus groups of students, parents and staff members. These groups will narrow the scope of the community input and move forward with a recommendation or recommendations to the Superintendent.