Naming Regulations

  • Policy/Regulations

    The Administrative Regulations of School Board Policy FF: Naming Facilities offer the following guidelines for consideration:

    • Where feasible, facilities will be named to denote location. Community, street and geographic area will be considered in the selection of a name.

    • Names suggested by the natural setting and habitat of the facility location may also be appropriate.

    • Facilities will not normally be named for persons. However, under certain circumstances, the board will consider requests from school and community groups to name a portion of a building, a single building on a campus with multiple buildings, or a specific area on the campus for a person who is not living. 


    CSD currently has schools with names that align with each of these guidelines. For example, Clover High, Clover Middle, Bethany Elementary, Bethel Elementary, Griggs Road Elementary, Oakridge Elementary and Oakridge Middle are all named to denote their location. Crowders Creek Elementary falls into the second category as a school named for its natural setting. Kinard Elementary is an example of the last category. Kinard was named for a former long-time superintendent, Dr. Thomas Guy Kinard. Larne Elementary strays a little from this policy. It was named in honor of Clover’s sister city in Northern Ireland.

    The board will be responsible for recommending a name or names for facilities, so they are seeking community participation in these key decisions.