• Luanne Lovelace


    art                                                            Name: Luann Lovelace

    Classroom: Room 160

    Subject(s): Art

    Grade(s): 9-12

    Phone Number: 803-810-8280
     Welcome Students!

    General information about art classes: 
    You do not have to be a natural talent in order to be successful in visual art.  Relax, enjoy and work hard and you will be fine!  Basically if you come to class with a great attitude, listen and watch carefully and then give your best effort, you will do very well.  We will work with pencil, crayons, paint, clay and many other mediums and you will be a much better artist than you ever imagined  possible...so give it your best shot! 
    Here is a simple list of supplies you will need for your art class.  These can be purchased at Walmart, Office Depot, Office Max, Hobby Lobby, Michaels Art.  All supplies should be in class by Monday August 25.  IF there is financial difficulty securing these supplies please contact me at the school by phone or my email. 
    9x11 spiral bound sketchbook
    Black Sharpie marker
    white vinyl eraser
    #2 WOODEN NO MECHANICAL Pencils. I suggest the Dixon Ticonderoga #2 HB. You can purchase these in packages of 12 at all the above locations.
    2 Pieces of full size white poster paper...approximate size is 20x30.
    If your family is cleaning out closets we can always use these items-- old towels for clean up, scrub pads, white or light colored sheets and pillow cases,
    If you would like to donate the following supplies to help students in the class room we can also use aluminum foil, foam picnic plates, Kleenex, hand soap and hand sanitizer.  We really appreciate these items and use them all the time in class. Thank you!
    With the rising use of electronics in the classroom and the continuing challenges that come with these devices, I am instituting some new procedures in my classroom.  Each student will be assigned a safe "parking space" for your cell phone at the door as you enter the classroom. ALL CELL PHONES will be placed in these spaces and remain there for the duration of class each day.  Phones should be turned off when placed in your assigned parking space.  Macbook Air notebooks will also be confined to a specific place as well.  When we need to use the MacBooks you will be notified and we will use them for research, etc. Otherwise, the art room is a no technology space.  With the amounts of liquids, dust, and other supplies, as well as the movement around the classroom that can easily damage these devices this is the safest way to handle them.  There are NO special allowances to this policy. If parents need to contact students during the course of the day calling the main office and leaving a message is the best and most effective process. 


    If you ever need to reach me you may call me during my planning block between the hours of 8:30 - 9:45 or you can email me at : luann.lovelace@clover.k12.sc.us. 
    I look forward to meeting all of you on the first day of class!  Have a great last few days of summer time!!!