• Stop Bullying

    The faculty and staff at Oakridge Middle School believe that all students have a right to a safe and supportive school environment.  It is our mission to provide quality education in an environment conducive to learning.  In order for such learning to occur, the faculty and staff at OMS will not tolerate harassment, intimidation, or bullying.  Such behavior hinders a student from learning and feeling safe.  We are committed to fostering a climate that is positive and where respect, tolerance, and acceptance exist.

    Definition of Bullying

    Bullying is when one or more students single out another student and deliberately engage in behaviors intended to cause harm.  A bully targets the same victim repeatedly over time.  Physical harm, emotional distress, social embarrassment, fear, and/or humiliation are results of harassment, intimidation, and bullying behavior.   Bullying or harassment that occurs online is called Cyberbullying.  This can take place in an email, a text message, Instant Messaging, an online game, or comments/images posted on social networking sites.  OMS administrators have the right to get involved with cases involving off-campus cyberbullying if it causes disruption in, or interference with, the orderly operation of school.  You will find a link to our bullying referral form on the school counseling main page under forms located on the right-hand side of the page.

    If you have been a target of bullying or have witnessed such behavior, please complete the form found on our website.  You can turn it in to the front office at OMS.  All reports are investigated
    Please note that bullying is not the same thing as students having conflicts.  It is important that students and parents understand the difference.  Conflicts are developmentally appropriate and will occur with people.  Friends are going to get upset with each other and will have conflicts. 
    Bullying is:
    Imbalance of Power
    If you are unsure as to whether your child is being bullied, please feel free to discuss the matter with the school counselor.  Many times, mediation can resolve issues between students and the situation isn't considered bullying.