All About Attitude!

    Character Education

     The administration of the Clover School District believes that character education is an important component of the overall instructional program. The district’s aim is to develop future citizens who are sound in mind, strong in body and healthy in spirit and heart.


    Rachel's Challenge
    Each year our sixth graders see this powerful program in September.  It is our hope that students will try to keep the challenges "alive".  Below are the five challenges our 6th grade students will be asked to accept after viewing the program.
    1- Eliminate prejudice
    2- Dare to dream
    3- Choose your influences
    4- Use kind words
    5- Start a chain reaction of kindness

    OMS Rachel's Challenge club will kick off in September.  This group focuses on various projects to help students promote kindness around the school. Our club meets on Thursday mornings at 8:00 in Mrs. Sykes room.  Come join us!  Anyone is welcome!

    High Flying EAGLE Character
    Along with following Rachel's Challenges, our students at OMS are encouraged to display their High Flying EAGLE character this year.  What exactly does this mean?  We are looking for students who are displaying the following character:

    E- Empathy
    A- Attitude (positive)
    G- Gratitude
    L- Leadership
    E- Empowerment

    Each homeroom teacher will select one student who they believe has High Flying EAGLE Character.  Students selected will be able to eat lunch off campus at a local restaurant.  You don't want to miss out on this great opportunity!!!
    HFE Drawing
    Students who are "caught" displaying positive behavior throughout the year will be entered into a monthly drawing.  An email will be sent to both student and parent bragging on the student for displaying High Flying EAGLE character.  You never know who may be watching you!!!!  I hope you will get "caught"!