• For Field Trips Extended Past Normal School Hours or Overnight:

    Important tips:
    • School Nurses rarely go on field trips.
    • At least 2 weeks prior to the field trip, notify the school nurse of your child's special health care needs.
    • Complete field trip form.
    • Prescription medication, unless routinely taken during school hours will require a new doctor's permission. Pharmacy labels on medications are not considered Doctor's permission.
    • OTC medication must be in its original container with label intact and have written parent/guardian permission
    • No medication in baggies will be accepted.

    Field trips can be fun for the student but worrisome for the parent if their child has a chronic health condition or takes medication. Typically, the school nurse does not go on field trips, so early planning and meeting with the school nurse/teacher can help alleviate fears and concerns.

    It is important that you fill out the Field Trip Medical Form giving the school as much information as possible even if we know your child has a chronic medical condition, because the teacher will take this form with them on the trip.

    All medication for the field trip must be supplied by the parents. Even if your child has the medication(s) at school, the school will not send it on the field trip. The nurse cannot repackage medications. Your child’s physician must fill out a form for all prescription medications because the forms we have at school do not give permission for after-school hours. The medication must be in the original pharmacy-labeled or manufacturer-labeled container and only the amount needed for the trip needs to be in the container. No medication in baggies will be accepted.

    If your child requires life-sustaining or emergency medication (insulin, Inhaler, EpiPen, etc.) please inform the nurse to make sure the proper permission forms are signed by the physician so that they can Self-Monitor/ Self-Medicate if possible.

    If your child has an inhaler, insulin injection, or Epi pen in the school’s health room, do not assume it will be sent. It is your responsibility to contact the school nurse/teacher to make arrangements for these to go with your child on the field trip.

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