• General Information


    1. All students must be registered in order to be assigned bus transportation. To register please go the the CSD main website and click on the bus registration link.
    2. Students are assigned a seat on the bus, therefore students must be on a consistent schedule. Unfortunately, due to near capacities on our buses we can not accomodate last minute bus requests.
    3. Students are not allowed to switch from their assigned bus once the school year begins unless the family moves or the student goes to different address in afternoon for childcare. Parents/guardians must notify the school about child care situations and when moving. The schools then will notify transportation office as well as denote such in the child’s file.
    4. Students will not be approved to ride home with others on school bus because most buses are near capacity when all students ride.
    5. Students are subject to transportation laws, rules, and regulations from the time they board a school bus until the bus route is completed or until the students arrive at their normal destinations, either home or school.
    6. All bus students are expected to obey the teachers and administrators at each school their bus serves. Students who disobey any school officials on school grounds are subject to discipline consequences administered by an administrator at the school the student attends.
    7. Only administrators (to include the transportation coordinator) can suspend a student from riding the school bus; bus drivers cannot suspend the students. The bus drivers submit a written school bus incident report to the student’s school when the student has misbehaved and the appropriate administrator issues consequence after investigating.
    8. Any time a student’s behavior on bus endangers the lives of other bus riders and the motoring public, that student can be immediately removed from the bus and bus riding privileges will remain suspended until the student and his/her parent/guardian has had a conference with the school administrator.
    9. Complaints or safety concerns regarding a bus or bus driver should be made to the Transportation Office.

    State Laws Relating to School Bus Transportation

    1. To be eligible to ride a school bus, students must live at least one and one-half (1 ½) miles from the school which they attend unless the situation is deemed hazardous.
    2. A school bus cannot leave the approved route to pick up a student who lives less than .3 mile from the main route.
    3. School bus stops must be at least two-tenths mile apart.
    4. Bus drivers are required to drive only on approved routes and to make only approved stops.

    Request of Parents/Guardians

    1. Parents should report all traffic hazards, unsafe driving practices of driver to the transportation coordinator.
    2. Parents should report all misconduct on school buses to the administrators of their children’s school.
    3. Parents should help supervise students at bus stops.
    4. Parents should discuss bus rules to their children and stress the importance of good behavior on buses.