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    ADEPT is South Carolina’s system for Assisting, Developing, and Evaluating Professional Teaching. The component of ADEPT assigned to an individual teacher is based upon the teacher’s contract level:

    • Induction contract teachers fall under the guidelines of Clover’s Teacher Induction Program (TIP).
    • Annual/Formal contract teachers fall under the guidelines of Summative ADEPT Formal Evaluation for Classroom-Based teachers (SAFE-T) or ADEPT for specialty area teachers (media, guidance, or speech therapist).
    • Annual and Continuing contract teachers who have completed formal evaluation fall under the guidelines of Goals Based Evaluation (GBE).

    A brief description of each ADEPT component is provided below.

    Teacher Induction Program (TIP)
    CSD takes pride in hiring the very best teachers. During their first year, teachers have the advantage of participating in an Induction Boot Camp and monthly new teacher class as well as the support of an experienced mentor teacher. The new teacher classes provide the teachers with access to people, ideas, and experiences to help them be successful in their first year. The main goals of the TIP are to:

    • Increase the retention rate of first-year teachers
    • Improve teacher performance
    • Promote the personal and professional well-being of first-year teachers
    • Communicate the school district’s culture and expectations
    • Integrate first-year teachers in the Clover community

    First-year teachers attend the New Employee Orientation during August of their first year of teaching. Monthly from September through May, first-year teachers attend a 1.5 hour session in the CSD Staff Development room focused on helping them improve their teaching craft.

    Summative ADEPT Formal Evaluation of Classroom-Based Teachers (SAFE-T)
    Beginning with the 2008-09 school year, the instrument used for all regular classroom teachers scheduled to undergo formal evaluation in CSD will be the Summative ADEPT Formal Evaluation of Classroom-Based Teachers or SAFE-T. SAFE-T replaces all other formal evaluation models for classroom-based teachers used in the state of South Carolina. In CSD, the last cohort of annual teachers participating in this particular evaluation will be in school year 2015-16. It is based on a consensually determined definition of effective teaching. This definition includes:

    4 Domains

    10 Performance Standards which are statements of what the teacher should know and be able to do to be effective.

    34 Key Elements which give meaning to the performance Standards by identifying their most important aspects or components.

    These domains, standards, and key elements apply to classroom-based teachers throughout their career continuums. An ADEPT evaluation team, 2-member team for annul-1 contract teachers and 3-member teams for teachers on an annual-2 and/or continuing contract, is appointed for each teacher undergoing the SAFE-T process.

    Summative ADEPT for Specialty Area Teachers
    The ADEPT for Specialty Area Teachers is the instrument used to evaluator Guidance Counselors, Media Specialists, and Speech Therapists. Like classroom-based teachers, the instrument applies to these specialty area teachers throughout their career continuums. Each specialty area evaluation team is a 2-member team for annual-1 contract teachers and a 3-member team for teachers on an annual-2 and/or continual contract. There are 10 performance standards for speech therapists and 7 performance standards each for guidance counselors and media specialists.

    Beginning in school year 2015-16, Clover School District will implement a formal evaluation system based on the 4 Domains, 10 Performance Standards, and 34 Key Elements of ADEPT. Additionally, Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) will be used to measure student growth as one additional domain of teacher evaluation. All teachers at the Annual Contract Level will participate in this evaluation. Teachers at the Continuing Contract Level will also participate in this evaluation every five years to coincide with their South Carolina Teaching License renewal. Specialty Area Teachers at the Annual Level will continue to participate in Summative ADEPT for Specialty Areas. Specialty Area Teachers at the Continuing Contract Level will continue to write GBEs.

    Goals-Based Evaluation (GBE)

    The goal of CSD is to recruit, prepare, and retain good teachers and to create the environment and conditions under which these teachers can thrive and teach well. The purpose of the GBE is to utilize a formative teacher evaluation system in which teacher evaluation and professional development are linked to support professional growth, continuous improvement, and student achievement.

    Key Elements
    The GBE is the ADEPT component designed to be used as an information evaluation tool for experienced, continuing contract teachers who have previously demonstrated an acceptable or above average level of performance on prior evaluations.

    Each participating teacher will develop in collaboration with a building administrator, a five-year plan of one of two GBE type goals. The two types of GBE goals are called Research and Development (R&D) GBE and Competence-Building GBE.

    Goals are to be supportive of the school district strategic plan and school renewal plans. Alternatively, teachers may elect to complete the process for pursuing National Board Certification as an overall goal.

    Each educator must develop an individualized plan for accomplishing his/her goals to include: (1) appropriate strategies for goal completion, (2) a system for monitoring progress and a method of generating supportive evidence of goal completion, and (3) a method of demonstrating a measurable impact on classroom performance. Each of these should be typed on the GBE forms and approved by the educator’s building administrator.


    For more information contact:

    Millicent Whitener Dickey, Ph. D.