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    Maintaining a valid South Carolina teaching license is the responsibility of every educator in the Clover School District (CSD).  Please use the information below to assist in this process.


    Do you know your certification status?

    You can check your certification status at the State Department of education at www.ed.sc.gov


    What steps must I take to maintain a current teaching license?

    Begin by reviewing the information provided in the Renewal Credit Information PowerPoint.

    Follow this up with an examination of the CSD Renewal Credit Plan.  Included in the plan are the following:

    • An overview and state guidelines for License Renewal
    • The Renewal Credit Matrix, outlining acceptable options for recertification credit
    • Forms to be completed with the assistance of  your building supervisor


    What is the Personnel Department’s role in maintaining current teaching licenses?

    Select educators should submit a Recertification Computation Sheet to Personnel by May 1 of a particular school year.  These are educators who

    • Have a professional license that expires at the end of the current school year;
    • Have a professional license and are leaving the school district at the end of the current school year; or
    • Have a professional license that expires at the end of the next school year and who have obtained their 120 credits already.


    Upon review and approval of the Recertification Computation Sheet, Personnel will update licenses with the Office of Teacher Certification.


    In addition to the duties listed above, the Personnel Department

    • Provides information to building level administrators regarding the certification status of teachers;
    • Coordinates a recertification appeals process; and
    • Promotes and encourages staff development opportunities that meet option requirements as outlined by the Renewal Credit Matrix.


    What is the South Carolina Office of Teacher Certification’s role in maintaining current teaching certificates?

    The South Carolina Office of Teacher Certification handles requests for updates (changing degree level, adding experience credit, or adding certification areas) to a teacher’s valid license. Teachers should file a Request for Change/Action Form directly with the Office of Teacher Certification in such instances. 


    Contact the Office of Teacher Certification, S.C. Department of Education:

    Email: certification@scteachers.org 
    Phone (out-of-state): 803-734-8466
    Phone (toll free in-state): 877-885-5280

    **Phone support is only available Monday thru Friday 1:00-4:30 p.m. EST (excluding state holidays)**