• Identification Process

    Gifted and talented students may be found within any racial, ethnic, or socio-economic group, within both genders, and within populations with disabilities. Identification is a multi-step process, which consists of referral, screening and assessment of eligibility by a district evaluation and placement team.  

    The State of South Carolina has established three dimensions of giftedness as criteria for placement in the academically gifted program. In order to qualify for placement in gifted and talented programs, students must meet the eligibility criteria in two of the three dimensions.

  • Referral Process


    The following information provides an overview of the referral, screening, and identification process used by the Clover School District to determine student eligibility.

    Parents, with students who have demonstrated ability or potential for academic excellence, may refer their child(ren) for screening by completing a referral form that is available at local school offices or by clicking the link below. Administrators and teachers may also refer students. Referral forms are due annually on dates listed in the GT brochure and sent annually to parents and students in grades 2-7.


    Screening will begin in the fall and continue throughout the school year. Students who participate in screening and are eligible for gifted and talented services will be placed the following school year.


    Letters will be mailed to students who qualify in late June/early July.


    All second grade students will participate in census testing for the purpose of identification for the academically gifted program. This testing will take place in the fall. No referrals are necessary for second grade students unless they move into the district after the fall testing.

  • Identification Criteria

    Dimension A - Reasoning Abilities – Students must score 93% or higher on a nationally-normed aptitude test. Students are eligible for placement on the basis of aptitude score alone if they score 96% or higher on the composite score of a nationally-normed aptitude test. No private testing will be accepted for eligibility, but those results may be considered for referral purposes.


    Dimension BAchievement – Students must score 94% or higher on reading comprehension and/or mathematical concepts and problem-solving on a nationally-normed achievement test. Students achieve a qualifying score in reading and/or math on the SC READY assessment.


    Dimension C - Academic Performance – In grades 3-6, students must achieve a qualifying score on performance tasks. In grades 6-12, GPA (grade point average) is reviewed in the core content areas using 3.75 on a 4.0 scale as a qualifying score.  A student must first meet either dimension A or B before dimension C is considered.


    Students who meet the eligibility criteria in two of the three dimensions are eligible for gifted and talented services. Aptitude test results alone can qualify a student for placement (see Dimension A above).


    Parents are notified by letter when a student qualifies for gifted services.

    All parents and students in grades 2-7 annually receive a GT informational flyer in August/September in the beginning of the year packets.